Russian proofreading

Proofreading is a careful inspection of your document. Proofreading is the original proof-correction and proofing errors and inaccuracies performed in the recruitment and reproduction of the originals and/or not seen by the author and editorial staff in the preparation of the originals, as well as renewal the obsolete materials for a set time, and fixes in the set.

Proofreading usually includes the following:

  1. Style Guides: Different style guides of Russian language as provided by the client or general style guidelines.
  2. Mechanics: Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, numbers according to the usage of Russian language.
  3. Sentence Structure: Run-on sentences, comma splices, sentence fragments.

Russian language is completely different from English for all these 3 points so it is very important to proofread your document before delivering the final version.

I can do proofreading according to your recommendations in order to have the best quality for your documents! Feel free to contact me anytime.