Russian editing

Editing is a much more careful inspection of your target document compared to proofreading. Editing of the text is the text processing in order to change the text style, to create a "balance of simplicity and ease of reading the text.

If you have a text translation, where there are shortcomings, grammatical errors, misprints, etc., you need to make editing the text.

Editing is aimed at the following:

  1. Accuracy between source text and target text.
  2. Appropriate terminology and style for the target audience.
  3. Consistency of the target text.

By editing the translations we understand the editing of the translated text, as if it was an original and not a translation. The original text is not required because it implies that the translation is the correct transmission of meaning.

Service of "text editing" is very common among the translation of texts with high complexity, i.e. for subjects that required for a translator, in addition to knowledge of a foreign language, a certain competence. Typically, these are narrow professional areas: metallurgy, different areas of the machine tool industry, medicine, geology, science, etc. I am a specialist in IT and economics and for sure you can trust me in these areas!

I can check your text for word choice, clarity, conciseness, consistency, jargon, and accuracy. Russian is one of the difficult languages of the world and careful editing of your target text will be a great advantage to you! A double checking of quality is a real plus to present your services in the best way you need!

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