Services for Russian translations

Russian is one of the most complicated languages in the world. Receive the best services of Russian language according to your needs with a Russian expert Oksana Morozova.

I provide technical translations from English and French, Russian proofreading and editing, CAT and SEO consultations. Mostly I specialize in IT.

The following translation services can be found amoung translations into Russian:

  • Website translations

    Website translations and website localizations from English into Russian.

  • Software localizations

    Software localizations of different kind of products from English into Russian.

  • Service license agreement

    Translations of service license agreements from English into Russian. I translate service license agreements for software and applications. The end document is proofread by a certified jurist in Russia.

  • Manuals for IT products (software or applications)

  • Software requirements specifications

  • Documentation for software products

    Different documentation for software and IT products. Adaptations of documents to the current clients needs.

  • Documentation for mobile applications

    Documentation for mobile applications, including manuals, SRS, marketing materials.

  • SEO customizations

    I will provide you with the best meta tags (titles, description, keywords) that will suit your business needs. I also give consultations for website texts for Russian or CIS market.

You can download a broshure for the list of services from Oksana Morozova.

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IT expertise

  • Master degree in applied informatics in economics
  • Worked in Russian, French and English IT environment
  • Translation background in IT
  • Proven record of clients
  • Efficiency

  • Fast replies on your mails
  • Independent proofreading
  • Proficient use of required CAT technology
  • Friendly and proactive approach to always quickly address your needs
  • Quality

  • Native full-time Russian translator
  • Bachelor degree in English linguistics
  • Full time freelance translator
  • Double check of quality