Portfolio of English > Russian and French > Russian Translations

Examples of translated documents:

IT/Telecom domain

Legal documents in IT field

  • License Agreement on Software – 25k words (English to Russian);
  • Agreement for Benjamin Moore & Ęî – 1,5 k words (English to Russian).

User interface

  • Software localization of OnPoint Portal – 14k words (English to Russian);
  • Software localization of mobile software – 20k words (English to Russian).

Articles in IT field

  • Article “Dynamic Alignment of ERP Systems and their Documentations” – 4k words (English to Russian);
  • Broshure for usage of Internet – 1k words (French to Russian).

Manuals for software

  • Manual for IDS HIGH-LEIT NT 4.20 – 4k words (English to Russian);
  • Manuals for SSOI OSNOVA – 1,5k words (Russian to English);
  • Manual for LM International (how to install software) – 2,5k words (English to Russian);
  • Manuals for server application – 10 k words;
  • Manuals for PLM software – 20 k words.

Presentations for how to use software

  • Quality Management Presentations using Minitab software– 35k words (English to Russian).


  • TMT the Mobile Terminal description – 1k words (English to Russian);
  • Manual Modular Material Flow Control – 25k words (English to Russian).

Finance/business domain

  • Forex Articles – 5k words (English to Russian);
  • Financial articles about investments, securities – 10k words (English to Russian);
  • Financial articles about investments, securities – 10k words (French to Russian);
  • Business Proposals for AgroSib – 3k words (Russian to English);
  • Legal documents about “how to create an enterprise” (French to Russian).


  • Medical device equipment for Zamar, BCT, Brainlife, Carepace and Medical Therapy – 20k words (English to Russian);
  • Manuals for how to use medical equipment – 20k words (English to Russian);
  • Manual for how to use medical equipment – 20k words (French to Russian).


  • Diderot's Supplement as Pendant for La Religieuse – 5k words (English to Russian);
  • Sufi studies – 10k words (English to Russian);
  • Movies’ subtitles – 50k words (English to Russian);
  • Touristic booklets for Chalets du Soleil – 3k words (French to Russian).

Portfolio of English > Russian Proofreading/Review/Editing

Examples of edited documents:

IT/Telecom domain

  • Dimetra IP Compact System (manual for Russian telecom project) – 20k words (English to Russian, editing);
  • Localization of mobile software – 5k words (English to Russian, proofreading);
  • Manual for camera devices – 3k words (English to Russian, proofreading);
  • Webinars about cloud systems – 5k words (English to Russian, proofreading).

Medical domain

  • Manual for medical device equipment – 3k words (English to Russian, proofreading).

IT expertise

  • Master degree in applied informatics in economics
  • Worked in Russian, French and English IT environment
  • Translation background in IT
  • Proven record of clients
  • Efficiency

  • Fast replies on your mails
  • Independent proofreading
  • Proficient use of required CAT technology
  • Friendly and proactive approach to always quickly address your needs
  • Quality

  • Native full-time Russian translator
  • Bachelor degree in English linguistics
  • Full time freelance translator
  • Double check of quality