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I was born in Russia where I have lived most of my life.

Having graduated from secondary school with excellence, I entered Applied Informatics in the Economics and Management University but my dream was always to be a translator, so the next year I joined the Linguistic Department as well, and with my best efforts I accomplished two degrees in different domains at the same time.

I have been three years in Russia in the IT field, at first as sales manager for across system where I improved greatly my knowledge of IT and the translations market. I found across to be a great tool that I still keep using today for its convenience. Then, as an analyst I was managing requirements for software and writing different documents both in English and Russian. Simultaneously I was also doing freelance translations which gave me the capacity of working a considerable amount of information in different areas.

At a later stage I moved to Cameroon, Africa as a product manager having a very valuable experience in a different environment, improving as much my IT as my translations skills. I felt a call for different places where I could have a more enriched life and work experience, so as result of an invitation I shifted to India.

At the moment in Latin America, I am working as a full-time translator dealing with a variety of subjects and a diversity of clients across the globe.

The dream that has always followed me came true!

Nowadays I have a deep experience of French > Russian and English > Russian translations in various of domains and expertise, but still my main fields of work are IT and economics/finance due to deep knowledge of this areas.

I hope you will enjoy working with me and receive the best service you ever had!


IT expertise

  • Master degree in applied informatics in economics
  • Worked in Russian, French and English IT environment
  • Translation background in IT
  • Proven record of clients
  • Efficiency

  • Fast replies on your mails
  • Independent proofreading
  • Proficient use of required CAT technology
  • Friendly and proactive approach to always quickly address your needs
  • Quality

  • Native full-time Russian translator
  • Bachelor degree in English linguistics
  • Full time freelance translator
  • Double check of quality